Hope For Families, Inc. (HFF), established in 1994, is a not-for-profit organization with the express purpose of rebuilding urban communities by rebuilding families through innovative and creative programs designed to address holistic needs of people in the greater Houston metropolitan area. HFF plans to fulfill this mission by rebuilding urban families and communities through an approach which encourages resident/community empowerment and economic development. A fundamental tenet of HFF’s philosophy of empowerment is the notion that ordinary citizens, through hard work, dedicated services and collective action, can make a difference in their communities. Hope For Families, Inc. serves as a continuation of the Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church legacy of service to the Third Ward community and the world at large.

What We Do

The board of HFF selected as its five primary goals:

  1. Increase the availability of quality housing to people of diverse incomes.
  2. Enhance the delivery of social services, particularly to the disadvantage and disenfranchised.
  3. Foster economic revitalization
  4. Enhance education and development for youth.
  5. Serve as a catalyst for collaborative empowerment among those who have resources and those who need access to those same resources.

Hope For Families’ objectives focus on a comprehensive program that integrates the needs of the community with resources necessary to successfully satisfy those needs. Partnerships and collaborations are the keys to ensure success.